District of Clarendon

District of Clarendon

Sardinia – reasonably quaint village, mid-size town, with few distinctions. Hard working craftsmen and farmers, some nearby trade from the nearby river but the village is located about a 30 minute walk from the riverside due to flooding issues.

Alcolu – decent sized village relying on tourism a great deal. Many years ago, there was a temple and very small village here. The temple priest was rumored to be able to convince anyone of anything, or able to “sell sand to a Youlin-Aradi”. He had a beautiful wife and three gorgeous daughter, Alma, Cora, and Louise. While he was away visiting the home temple, sadly his wife and daughters died. The town was renamed in honor of the daughters (Al-Co-Lu) and the priest (Didorol) never left the temple again but continued to hold services and meet with pilgrims. His grief made him stronger and his devotion was such that all who met with him felt better. Legend has it that being in the temple is one of the most romantic places to be married or propose marriage. Business deals made on the temple grounds rumored to always be fair and unable to be broken. In reality, the only effect of the temple is that all who enter in will feel slightly happier and kinder (+1 to any persuasion check). To be assigned as the temple priest or acolyte is a high honor and sought after for retirement. The Alcolu leaders promote the temple to attract visitors and most of the industry of the town is devoted to hospitality for the visitors or couples or newlyweds who come to visit the temple.

Paxville – District capital and home to a small ranger garrison. Named for its founder Gavin Pack who was the assistant to the original “Lord” of the district, Lord Clarendon.

Gable – Routine small village.

Smoak – so named because underground reactions often cause smoke to rise out of the ground. Most of the smoke holes are marked and known but a new one sometimes occurs. Any water drawn near a smoke hole is far too sulfurous for consumption by anyone but a thirsty dwarf. The village had another name but everyone referred it as The Smokey Place so they eventually just renamed it Smoak, hoping the different spelling might take some of the stigma (it did not). However smelly it may be, the soil is rich in nutrients so many plants only grow in this area. Other mineral deposits are often found. Cultivating and harvesting the rare plants, and sifting for the rare minerals are the chief industry. A tavern is trying to promote “Smoak baths” as a tourist attraction but it is unlikely to succeed.

Pocotaligo – Located in a swampy area between several rivers, there are many bridges in and around the village. Some buildings are on stilts over the water. There is a contingent of Dregordians who have taken up here as well. The name, it is rumored, comes from the time a wealthy noble was trying to hurry his baggage train through the swamps and bridges. A native watched the noble’s men struggling with one especially reluctant donkey. They pushed, they pulled and nothing would make it move as it blocked everyone’s way. Finally, completely frustrated, the noble called out to the native “Any idea how to get this beast out of the way!”. To which the native replied, “Poke he tail, he go”.

District of Clarendon

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