Missing Child (or A Dingo Ate Your Baby)

Below is the information you are given as you start your mission. This is based on the public records with some comment from your superior officer.

In the village of Sardinia, there is a problem. Sardinia is a small village but is located near a large growth of suppock trees. Alchemists use suppock bark and sap in making stronger glues and bonding agents so it is in reasonably high demand. Although there are other sources, Sardinia is reasonably close to many craftsmen so the village does reasonably well. The mayor of Sardinia is Toldon. He is on his second 4 year term and took office when the prior mayor, Joshok, was killed in a lightning strike. Joshok’s son, Belegion, hoped to take over for his father but the town elected Toldon instead. Belegion and Toldon do not get along and tend to be rivals. Their rivalry has existed from when they were boys and each liked the same girl (who married someone else later but everything became a contest between them). Belegion’s 12 year old son has been missing for 3 days and he is convinced that Toldon is somehow behind it. Joshok was a big supporter of Grayson’s Grey Rangers and so Belegion was able to contact some of his father’s old friends to help encourage an investigation since Belegion does not trust all of the local town guard.

Toldon runs a local tavern (the Whistling Pig), which helps explain why he was popular with the townsfolk. He is married to Tamara. They have 2 children, a daughter (Terika) 13 and a son (Tochon) who is 6. Business was good but several months ago, once a week there would be a dead rat nailed to the lintel of his door. For the last 2 weeks, several patrons have complained of stomach pains and nausea so rumors are spreading that his tavern is cursed.

Belegion is a tanner and works with leather. His shop is just known as the leather shop. No other name was necessary. He is reasonably skilled but his father was an expert. Many people still come from other villages due to their appreciation of Joshok. His wife is Bolacia. They have 3 sons, Binto (15), Bloughan (12 and missing), and Brasili (10). The shop continues to do well, though not at its former glory. Two (2) years ago, several piles of otherwise good leather was ruined by a fungus normally associated with brewer’s yeast and Belegion is convinced that Toldon is responsible. Investigation from the town guard found no connection.

Missing Child (or A Dingo Ate Your Baby)

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